August 31, 2023

Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? 10 Best Facts You Should Know

Mascara has long been a staple in many people’s makeup routines. It enhances our lashes, adds definition to our eyes, and can even make us feel more confident. But when it comes to traveling, especially by air, mascara can sometimes pose a dilemma. As we navigate through security checkpoints and abide by TSA regulations, the question lingers in our minds: Is mascara a liquid TSA? In this guides blog post, will explore the various aspects of mascara and its classification under TSA guidelines, aiming to provide clarity and ease any concerns you may have. So, let’s delve into the world of mascara and discover how to navigate the skies with our favorite lash-enhancing product.

1. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?

Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?
Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?

Does the TSA classify mascara as a liquid? The 3-1-1 rule for putting mascara in hand baggage applies because the TSA considers mascara to be a liquid. All liquids must be put in 1-quart bags and must be in containers that are 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less, according to the rule. You are allowed to take mascara in your hand baggage because it typically weighs no more than 3.4 oz.

2. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? Can You Bring Mascara In The Carry-On?

Makeup. You should adhere to the previously indicated liquid restrictions while carrying liquid makeup items. Mascara, brow gel, and concealer are acceptable carry-on items as long as they weigh less than 3.4 ounces and are contained in a transparent, quart-sized bag.

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3. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? Can I Pack Eyeliner And Mascara In My Carry-On?

Both hand luggage and checked baggage are acceptable for carrying cosmetics on an airplane. The size of cabin baggage is nonetheless limited because of potential in-flight dangers. It includes cosmetics like mascara, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and more. Larger things can be packed in checked luggage, so please keep that in mind.

4. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? Does Mascara Need To Be Put In A Transparent Bag When Traveling?

It makes no difference what kind of liquids you use—foundation, mascara, lotion, water, etc. Gels, toothpaste, and other products are all liquid and must adhere to the 3-1-1 rule. No container can be larger than “3” oz. in size (regardless of how much is inside), and everything must fit within “1” quart-sized transparent plastic ziploc bag.

5. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? Why Is Makeup Prohibited On Airplanes?

Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?
Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?

So, if mascara qualifies as a liquid, you might be wondering. When flying, mascara is considered a liquid. However, the answer is yes if you’re wondering if you can bring mascara on an aircraft. Both carry-on and checked luggage are allowed to include mascara.

6. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? How Should Mascara Be Transported?

Employ a transparent bag – We already know this, but I’m not referring about the TSA-recommended transparent Ziploc bags. Get a 1 qt. reusable clear cosmetics bag instead. First of all, you won’t have to make the dreaded trip to Target before your vacation to buy sandwich bags because you can use this again.

7. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? What Cosmetics Can’t Be Brought On Airplanes?

No size or quantity restrictions apply to the carrying-on or checked baggage of solid or powder makeup. However, liquid, lotion, gel, paste, or creamy cosmetics must be brought in containers that are 3.4 ounces or less while traveling in carry-on luggage.

8. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? Is Mascara Allowed On Airplanes In The UK?

If you do pack liquids in your carry-on, the containers you use can only accommodate 100 ml. Containers must be contained in a single, clear, resealable plastic bag that is no more than 20 cm by 20 cm and holds no more than one litre.

9. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? On A Lengthy Trip, Should I Use Mascara?

Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?
Is Mascara A Liquid TSA?

Avoid wearing (heavy) makeup, especially on long-haul flights. In actuality, airplane makeup is the worst for your skin. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to wear little makeup on the plane and remove it mid-flight. Going absolutely without has shown to be simpler for some people.

10. Is Mascara A Liquid TSA? Can I bring mascara on a Ryanair flight?

Liquids larger than 100 ml shouldn’t be brought in a carry-on. Among liquids are the following: all alcoholic beverages, soups, syrups, and water. products including mascara, lip gloss, lip balm, and lotions.


In conclusion, is mascara a liquid TSA? mascara is considered a liquid according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines. Due to its consistency and potential to be easily manipulated, mascara falls under the category of liquids when it comes to airport security regulations. Therefore, when packing for your next flight, be sure to adhere to the TSA’s guidelines and place your mascara in a clear, quart-sized bag, alongside other liquid items. This will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free screening process at the airport. Stay informed and prepared to make your travel experience more convenient and enjoyable.

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