September 29, 2023

How Long Does Mascara Last? 3 Best Things In Lifespan Of This Cosmetic Gem

Mascara, the ultimate beauty staple in every makeup lover’s arsenal. It enhances our lashes, adds that touch of drama to our eyes, and completes any look with its magical wand. But have you ever wondered how long does mascara last? Well, get ready to dive into the world of mascara longevity as explore the factors that can affect its shelf life. So, whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or just curious about mascara maintenance, this blog is for you. Let’s unravel the mysteries behind the lifespan of this cosmetic gem and discover how you can keep your lashes fluttering flawlessly with some useful FAQs below!.

1. How Long Does Mascara Last?

How Long Does Mascara Last?
How Long Does Mascara Last?

Most makeup procedures include mascara as a necessary component. Additionally, it is a product that has direct touch with a very delicate area of our faces. The expiration date of the mascara must be remembered as a result. But how long does mascara last with daily use? The typical mascara container holds 0.2 to 0.6 fluid ounces. You may use up a whole tube of mascara in roughly two to three months if you apply two to three coats of it each day.

Due to the makeup of mascara, it DOES expire and can turn into a bacterial spawning ground. While mascara that has been opened should be discarded after three months of usage, mascara that has not been opened can survive for two years.

Keep in mind that if you use mascara frequently, safety measures are especially crucial. Regularly opening the tube allows trash and germs to enter, which can promote bacterial development.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you don’t keep it open for an extended period of time and to always close it securely after usage. Changes in texture or consistency, color, scent, and formula are all indicators that mascara has expired. Using outdated mascara might cause eye discomfort and infections that could be very dangerous. As a result, it’s imperative to throw away mascara that has expired. safer to be safe than sorry!

The manufacturers also recommend storing it at room temperature and avoiding direct sunlight. You’ll be able to keep your mascara looking great for longer if you follow these guidelines.

2. How Long Does Mascara Last In Your Eyelashes?

How Long Does Mascara Last In Your Eyelashes?
How Long Does Mascara Last In Your Eyelashes?

You might be curious to know how long mascara lasts on your lashes after learning how long it lasts when used regularly. Regular mascara can stay on your eyelashes for four to six hours without smudging, while sweatproof and waterproof mascara should last considerably longer. Those products are normally designed to last for 12 to 18 hours. A few waterproof mascaras even guarantee 24 to 36 hours of usage. However, a number of things, like the following, might make your mascara smear after a few hours:

How long does mascara last? Eyelids that are oily – One of the most frequent causes of smeared mascara is too much oil from your eyelids. It’s crucial to thoroughly wash your face before applying mascara to remove any extra oils from your skin in order to prevent this. Additionally, wearing oil-control makeup and primer helps reduce the likelihood of smearing brought on by greasy eyelids.

How long does mascara last? Humidity and heat – The duration of mascara on your eyelashes might also be influenced by your surroundings. Sweating as a result of humidity can smear or even totally remove your mascara.

How long does mascara last? No eyelash preparation – Before applying makeup, you need to prepare other areas of your body as well. You must also prepare your eyelashes if you want mascara to linger longer. If you omit it, your mascara will be simple to smear.

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3. How Long Does Mascara Last?  Is Old Mascara Still Usable?

How Long Does Mascara Last?  Is Old Mascara Still Usable?
How Long Does Mascara Last?  Is Old Mascara Still Usable?

Throwing away mascara or any other beauty item that has gone bad may seem wasteful. If you actually adore its hue and formulation, you can possibly find it very challenging to complete. However, you’ll be glad you got rid of your old makeup afterwards. Why? The following are a few negative effects of wearing old mascara:

  • Risk of Infection and Irritation Is Increased.
  • Utilizing opened, out-of-date mascara carries a number of safety dangers.
  • After being worn for a few months, mascara has a very high susceptibility to bacterial development. Therefore, if you apply it to your lashes, an eye infection might result.

Therefore, it’s preferable to discard your mascara and replace it with a new one every six months in order to reduce the likelihood of eye discomfort and infection.


In conclusion, how long does mascara last? the lifespan of mascara can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, formula, and storage habits. On average, an unopened mascara can last for about 2-3 years. However, once opened, it is recommended to replace mascara every 3-6 months to maintain its effectiveness and minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. Proper storage, such as keeping the tube tightly closed and avoiding exposure to heat and moisture, can also help prolong its shelf life. Remember, using old or expired mascara can lead to clumping, flaking, and even eye infections. So, it’s important to prioritize both safety and performance by regularly replacing your mascara.

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